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Settlement, Keys and Moving In

You’ve been looking for months, attended auction after auction and finally secured a winning bid on your dream property. Between the celebrations you try to wrap your head around everything you need to organise – insurance, removalists, conveyancing – the list seems endless.   Before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath it’s settlement day.   If […]

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Why You Need Home Insurance

What home insurance do you need and why is it important?   Some lenders insist on home and contents insurance, and others will also offer policies as a separate service.  Insurance will protect your home against a wide range of events, which will differ depending on the policy. Your mortgage broker and bank will most likely insist […]

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How much capital growth can you expect on a property investment?

Investment properties are a long-term financial solution to building wealth. There are several strategies which can be implemented when building a property portfolio, but there is no denying that focusing on capital growth is paramount to ensure long-term success. Capital growth refers to the increase in value of a property portfolio over a period of […]

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How to structure your finance for property investment

People invest in property to achieve various financial goals, including supplementing retirement funds or covering the costs of children’s education. One thing all investors should have in common is a strategic financial plan to ensure their assets are working to the best of their ability. Good financial management of an asset will provide tax breaks, […]

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How to renovate for profit

The ultimate aim of renovating is to increase a property’s value and therefore increase your capital growth. However it takes more than simply painting a wall and watching your property grow in value, it’s about carefully making decisions, both financially and strategically, which will ultimately help you reach your property and financial goals. This begs […]

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