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Settlement, Keys and Moving In

You’ve been looking for months, attended auction after auction and finally secured a winning bid on your dream property. Between the celebrations you try to wrap your head around everything you need to organise – insurance, removalists, conveyancing – the list seems endless.   Before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath it’s settlement day.   If […]

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Why You Need Home Insurance

What home insurance do you need and why is it important?   Some lenders insist on home and contents insurance, and others will also offer policies as a separate service.  Insurance will protect your home against a wide range of events, which will differ depending on the policy. Your mortgage broker and bank will most likely insist […]

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Finding A Property

Know where to look I work extensively with real estate agents and buyers agents. I am happy to recommend the agents that I personally work with. Some sites that will assist you in your hunt for a property: Domain Domain also offers a ‘search near me’ option on their facebook page: Simply ‘like’ their page, go […]

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So How Do I Apply For A Home Loan?

Mortgage Applications Perhaps the most confusing thing about applying for a mortgage is not the application process itself, but finding the right mortgage. There are just so many options.   Engaging a mortgage broker can help.   Before you go knocking on all the different finance lenders doors trying to find the best deal, remember that there’s a […]

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Stratas… Body Corporate – What Do They Do?

What is a Body Corporate and why do some buyers need to pay fees to such groups? The Body Corporate, or Owner’s Corporation is the body that manages common ownership aspects of a property, usually in an apartment building or a group of townhouses. This can include communal facilities, such as pools, as well as structural aspects of the […]

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Do We Need To Do A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports What is a pre-purchase property inspection report? A building inspection is just one check you can get done before buying a property. Sometimes referred to as a ‘standard property report’, a pre–purchase property inspection report (subsequently referred to as a ‘building inspection report’) is a written account of the property’s condition. It will include any significant […]

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